Low Cost & Effective Promotional Activities

Promotional Activities are essential to raising the profile, image and awareness of a company, a product, a service or even an individual. Traditionally, such promotional activities are managed by advertising companies or A&P professionals.

With the advent of the Internet, many such promotional activities can be taken up by savvy web professionals using such online techniques as: uses a wide range of the above activities to promote her clients, their products and services. In fact, we exceed these promotional techniques by organising and managing a talk for business owners, senior management and interested individuals. The talk is known as The Business Success Forum (BSF), and is held once every last Friday of the odd month.

The BSF is a series of seminars to impart additional skills and knowledge to our executives, potential entrepreneurs and business owners, to enable them to manoeuvre successfully in a highly volatile and uncertain economy and to bring the SME owners forward into the 21st Century. Speakers are welcome!

Contact us for the latest session, for past topics or for an assessment of how you or your company could either present or sponsor such an event.

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