IONA | Goldland International

  • Address: 233 Ubi Avenue 4, Intrepid Warehouse Complex S408818, Singapore

Company Profile
The year 1978 saw the birth of IONA products when it was brought in by Trading Company GOLDLAND INTERNATIONAL PTE LTD.

In the early days, the Singapore electronics market was crowded by numerous costly Japanese and European household brands. IONA realised that there was a need for more affordable electronics products. Therefore it became the 1st local brand to launch its own range of household and kitchen appliances in Singapore.

In Co-operation with Japan Union Corp, Yokohama, IONA constantly strives to deliver innovative and high quality electronic products for its consumers.

Stepping into the 21st century, IONA promises to deliver more in terms of innovation and design to cater to the moving trends & needs of our consumers.

Our Brand
What we discovered was that people around the world regardless of where they live, wanted the benefits of technology without the hassles. In other words, the world is already complicated enough, we want simplicity.

Our research showed that we have an opportunity to answer your need for simplicity, while strengthening IONA in the minds of consumers and customers everywhere.

And that's why we are promising to make technology easier for you to experience and designed around your unique needs, while still remaining advanced.

IONA now reflects our belief that simplicity can be a goal of technology that just makes sense.

Design and Innovation
Good design is part of smart innovation, as it can differentiate a product from its competitors. At IONA we design innovative products that are attractive, practical and functional.

Under our partnership with Japan Union Corp engineers and designers, we bring to you the latest in design and technology.

We will continue to work hard to bring you simpler and hassle free innovations.

Quality Control
At IONA we have always been very concerned with the quality and safety of our electronic products. We want our customers to feel assured when buying our products. In recent year, we have tightened our QC control on all our manufacturing plants. Our inspection officers are working around the clock to ensure that all IONA products you are getting are inspected and tested to specific requirements to ensure the highest make in terms of quality and safety.

Kitchen Appliances
Slow Cooker
Rice Cooker
Convection Oven
Rotisserie Oven
Electric Kettle
Water Boiler
Ceramic Cooker
Steamboat Pot
Household Appliances
Air Circulator
Electric Fan



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